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DiLeo's Carpentry

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Master Carpenter Nicholas DiLeo

DiLeo's Carpentry is a family and veteran-owned business located in Mount Pleasant, Charleston County. 

History...Not too long ago, an Italian carpenter, by the name of Bruno DiLeo came to the United States. Not knowing how to speak English, he arrived here in search of "The American Dream."  Utilizing his skills, he built a life for his family. That man was my grandfather.


After leaving the Marine Corps, I decided to go to school and carry on his legacy by becoming a carpenter. DiLeo's Carpentry's main focus aside from building quality is that every client experience is outstanding!


Just like my Grandfather Bruno built a better future for his family, DiLeo's Carpentry wants to build one for yours.


Mt. Pleasant Carpentry Services


Increase the comfort and value of your home. Our services include crown molding, wainscoting, baseboards, door and window casing, interior door installation, vinyl and laminate flooring, and anything trim related you can think of!

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Why Us?


We changed the customer experience forever. Before a project begins, we set up an electronic cart for ordering materials. Alternatively, you can order from a lumber yard of your choice over the phone. Our process provides total material price transparency so you know exactly what’s being installed in your home. We always maintain a clean and safe work area. Above all else we strive to give you the highest quality craftsmanship our hands have to offer!

Wood Types


When it comes to which type of wood to use for your wainscoting, crown molding, baseboards or any other carpentry work, some will be better suited for different applications. We guide you through every step to ensure the correct wood is used for the correct project. Below are the types of wood we work with.





Spruce, Finish carpentry services Charleston County, carpenter Mount Pleasant.
Douglas Fir, Finish carpentry services Charleston County, carpenter Mount Pleasant.
Douglas Fir
Southern Pine, Finish carpentry services Charleston County, carpenter Mount Pleasant.
Southern Pine
Birch, Finish carpentry services Charleston County, carpenter Mount Pleasant.

Need a different wood? Contact us to discuss your project needs.


Special occasion? Why not give a family member, friend or loved one something different, a DiLeo's E-Gift Card. Let us install that feature they have been dreaming of!

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We would love to help make your vision a reality. Whether you need baseboards, crown molding, wainscoting, vinyl or laminate flooring, door and window casing, maybe a new interior door? DiLeo’s Carpentry has you covered, get in touch to set up a free consultation today!

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