Do we paint?

No we do not. We do however install everything to a paint ready finish. I.e. We do all the caulking, nail hole filling and sanding, so that once we leave you can start painting. Some homeowners will even have the materials painted prior to us installing them so that after we are done only touch up is needed.

Do we refinish surfaces?

No we do not.

Do we do exterior work?

No we do not.

Do we do staircase work?

No we do not.

Do we do cabinetry?

No we do not.

Do we remove debris from construction work?

Yes, We will remove all construction debris from the job site unless otherwise specified.

Do we offer air filtration while working?

Yes, We offer HEPA air filtration during the work day.

Do we accept contactless payment

Yes, We accept Venmo cash app, zelle, gpay, and more!

Do you keep the job site clean?

Yes. we leave everything in a broom clean condition and organized at the end of everyday.

Do you have multiple projects going on at once that will take time from my project? or will you be here everyday?

No we do not do more than one project at a time so we don't lose track and we can focus on providing the best customer experience possible.

Do you buy the materials?

No, we set up an order for delivery at a local lumberyard or home improvement store and the customer will just have to call in and pay for it. This way you only pay us labor and you know you are getting what you paid for along with the most up-to-date prices.

What if additional materials are needed?

No problem! Sometimes this happens and we will run and grab them. We will keep the receipt for you, we will only ask for reimbursement on material cost not the labor to acquire it.